Ideation and Prototyping Session 13: Last check-ins, Storytelling.


  • Final Presentation Requirements:
    • Your presence in class.
    • 10 minutes of presentation.
      • Start with your final object and story (~5 min)
      • Walk us through the ideation, iteration, and prototyping process of the past several weeks (~5 min)
      • A slideshow (e.g. powerpoint, keynote, google slides) is recommended.
    • 5 minutes discussion with guest critics and class.
    • I’ll publish the order of presentations next Thursday.
  • Extra credit (10 points added to your final project grade): Attend a training at any of NYU’s Makerspaces and document it with
    • 3+ photos and
    • 2+ paragraphs.
      Be sure to take a photo and record the name of the training instructor for this assignment to be counted.
  • Box Designers:



  • FINISHΒ your final project.
  • BRINGΒ your final project to class.