Ideation and Prototyping Session 12: Prototyping->Persona->Storytelling.



  • Prototyping Exercise
  • Persona Exercise
  • Storytelling Exercise
  • Review of Final Requirements
  • Looking ahead
  • 1-on-1s and work time
    • Materials: If you are still working out the materials of your final prototype, let’s talk about this in our 1-on-1.


  • POST
    1. Finish your medium-fi prototype and document it with an imageΒ and/or text explanation. Is this a looks-like, feels-like, or works-like prototype?
    2. Post a draft for the framing story of your final project. Please answer: what does your imagined future (Prompt 1) or real context (Prompt 2) look, sound, and feel like?
    3. Post a draft for the message of your final project. Who is your potential audience, and what message would you transmit to them (either from the future or the present)?
    4. (If applicable) Catch up on making your less lo-fi prototype. If you made something today, document it–it counts as part of the prototype process.
    5. (If applicable) Constant input/output. If you’re merging your prototype into your constant input/output, MARK THIS ON YOUR POSTS.
  • BRINGΒ your prototypes/sketches/project files/materials etc to show and work on in class.