Ideation and Prototyping Session 11: Makerspace and Makers.



  • Tandon Makerspace Tour
  • Guest Maker: Jie Qi
  • Class updates
  • 1-on-1 and prototyping time. Note that you have 2 remaining in-class work sessions after today!


  • POST
    1. Finish your less lo-fi prototype and document it with an imageΒ and/or text explanation. Is this a looks-like, feels-like, or works-like prototype?
    2. Read One Designer Shares: How to Use Design to Tell a Story OR Watch/Listen to at least one of the TED: Storytelling Videos and post your response. Please answer and be prepared to discuss next week:
      • Did this article/video give you new ideas for how you will tell the story (frame/message) of your prototype?
      • If so, what are the new ideas?
      • If not, why?
    3. (If applicable) Constant input/output. If you’re merging your prototype into your constant input/output, MARK THIS ON YOUR POSTS.
  • BRINGΒ your prototypes/sketches/project files/materials etc to show and work on in class.