NYU Ideation & Prototyping Session 02: Interviews.


Assignments Due Next Friday, February 9

  • Read
  • Post
    • After reading both articles, choose one of the articles, Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool OR The Miseducation of the Doodle, to write a reading response to the one that resonated with you the most. Do not write a summary. In other words, do not regurgitate the article. Discuss any epiphanies or insights that occurred while reading, how it reflects your own creative process (or does not and why) or how it will inform or change your own process (or will not and why).
    • Based on your classmate interview(s) today, complete and post the Classmate Discovery assignment.
    • Set up your Notebook or Sketchbook, which will help you with your constant input/output weekly assignment. You will reflect specifically on the Notebook/Sketchbook as part of the midterm Self Assessment.
    • Your constant input / output assignment on your process website (if applicable this week).