NYU Data Vis Session 9: Phase 2 Presentations


  • Please fill out this 2-question survey to help prepare the agenda for our visit to Viacom on December 7.
  • Please fill out this 3-question survey to help with room booking for our last day of class.
  • If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest that you share your Phase 2 paper with your community partner.
  • For students who want to work with AP data: The AP_VR MoCap data folder has been updated with BVH-formatted files, which may be useful for (three.js) web visualizations. The folder already has FBX and CSV formats as well.


  • Phase 2 Presentations. We will start at the top of the class blog list and go in alphabetical order. 5-7 minutes per person, please!

Next Week’s Assignments

  • For the month of November, as you start to plan your Phase 3 projects, we will get back to basics and discuss what makes an effective visualization. To prepare for this, please write a blog post that
    • discusses one visualization that you think is effective, and why
    • discusses one visualization that you think is ineffective, and why.