NYSCI Activities

Since we have no class on October 13 and I will be away on October 20, I’d like you to visit New York Hall of Science to participate in one of the following activities:

  1. October 1 or 2: A two-hour Maker Faire volunteer session
    • Catherine Cramer, Senior Program Developer at NYSCI, is running a live visualization activity for visitors called “Data in the Midst.” She is looking for volunteers to help guide visitors through the activity; in return, you receive a day pass for the entire day of Maker Faire. If you can help, please email ccramer [at] nysci.org and copy me with your top two time slots:
      • Saturday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, or 4-6
      • Sunday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, or 4-6
    • Students participating: Arjun, Pan Pan
  2. October 20, 3pm: A semi-guided visit to NYSCI on October 20.
    • Please arrive to NYSCI at 3pm and take a look at the “Connected Worlds” exhibit. From 4-5pm, Catherine Cramer will answer questions about the exhibit and discuss data visualization efforts at NYSCI.
    • Students to arrive at 3: Siyuan Qiu, Mingyu Sun, Nicole Cote, Koji Kanao, Cris Valenzuela, Jing Huang, Jasmine Chabra. Will arrive at 4: Anna Bialas
  3. Any day before October 27: If you can’t make any of the days listed above, please take your own self-guided tour of NYSCI’s exhibits, “Connected Worlds” and “Mathematica.” NYSCI has free admission on Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings (except during Maker Faire). Please take notes on BOTH exhibits!
    • Students participating: Sara, Anna, Jayson, Avika

Please let me know your choice of activity by ASAP so I can let Catherine Cramer know your plans. While you’re at NYSCI, take notes/photos on the “4D” and “interactive” elements you observe or experience. A full write-up will be assigned in a few weeks.