Session 8: Vehicle Analytics, Literature Review.

[post in progress] TODAY’S AGENDA Follow-up from midterm presentations. Lecture: Traffic & appcessory paradigms, by Brian Langel, Dash & NYU CS. Break Let’s practice literature review. Groups. Varun/Graham/Justin Greg/Matt Michael/Bartosz/Tong Tania/Clàudia Kania/Dimas Will Chanyeon Some Lit Review Resources: Google Scholar Google Patents ACM Digital Library (free access from an NYU or edu account) IEEE Explore ACM […]

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Session 7: Midterm presentations.

I love midterm presentations. It launches the transitional period in which I start stepping back, and the students start shaping the class in their own way. Our guest critic David Briggs, a director of digital marketing, said that the presentations were inspiring and energizing, and I completely agree. Many senses and many scales were considered […]

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Session 6: GPS, Midterm prep.

[Post in Progress] Announcements Columbia’s IoT Mini-Symposium NYU Urban Democracy Lab Visions of the Connected Home: attend and/or present Boston Chloride level (with Catherine D’Ignazio/Emerson/Public Lab) Sensor Journalism Webcasts State of the Map Transportation Camp Progress reports and brainstorms: midterms Varun/Graham/Justin Michael/Bartosz/Tong Tania/Clàudia Kania/Dimas Will Greg/Matt Chanyeon Follow-ups on iOS tutorial. GPS shield. Adafruit […]

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QSAT Crash Course: iOS, Swift, CoreLocation (via Arduino+Bluefruit+sensor systems)

While it’s not generally feasible to learn how to build an iOS app from scratch in one three-hour session, the aim of this crash course is to help you to take the existing Bluefruit LE app and modify it to collect data from any Arduino-compatible sensor. How This Tutorial Works For each feature that you add to the app, […]

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NYU Session 3: Applications of Remote Sensing

Today’s session followed the usual macro/micro format, starting with a guest lecturer to provide big-picture context, and ending with hands-on labs for more in-depth skill development. Our guest lecturer, Lela Prashad, is Chief Data Scientist at and technical adviser to my MIT thesis project, OpenIR. She specializes in geospatial data analysis, particularly with multi-spectral […]

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NYU Session 1: Orientation

In today’s first session, we got situated with basic housekeeping + intros, some background lecture, and some hands-on exercises. I’m very pleased to see a few different departments represented in this class: ITP of course, CUSP (NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress), and Journalism. Students represent a wide range of previous experience, from animation, to computer […]

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