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MaxGland: 30 second excerpts from an interactive work-in-progress, 2003.

(300x225) This application uses microphone and mouse input to control parameters of a camera around a 3d "gland" object.
The mappings go something like this:

MouseX controls CameraX
Volume controls CameraZ
Pitch controls CameraY

The keyboard is used to toggle these controls on and off. I added a few other toggle options just to fool around:

MouseY controls overall color scheme (reds to purples)
Pitch controls gland color (lower pitches -> red, higher pitches -> yellow)
Pitch controls erase frequency (lower pitches -> lower frequency, higher pitches -> higher frequency)

The two movies above are recordings of me fooling with the mic and toggling controls on/off. Unfortunately there's no easy way to record sound with these OpenGL objects in Jitter, but it's still do-able... and I'll do it soon. Also coming soon: pitch or volume to control scrubbing through an animation of the gland... but that's more of a Maya than a Jitter issue (Maya was used to model the gland).