Data Vis Session 8: Social Justice, Timelines, Persona Design



6:30-7:00 Class updates
7:00-7:30 Bex Hurwitz, Founder, Research Action Design
7:30-8:00 Timeline.js Exercise
8:00-8:10 Break
8:10-9:20 Finish Timelines, add Personas

Assignment for Nov 5

No Class next week!

  • Expand on your timeline exercise and post to your blog
    OR upload and discuss the persona design images that your classmate designed for your midterm project.
  • (optional) Make any final modifications to your midterm. If you do this, let me know when you’ve finished so I can reissue your progress report. I will lock down midterm grades on Nov 5. If your grade is low, I will be in touch before then.